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If you are looking for a quick ditsraction look no further.

Image for Salon Slacking game

Salon Slacking

Salon Slacking features twelve mini games in the typical slacking games style

Image for Get Fit game

Get Fit

Are you well-padded and want to lose a few pounds

Image for Flappy Multiplayer game

Flappy Multiplayer

Fun, frustrating, addictive - this is Flappy Multiplayer

Image for Fly Or Die game

Fly Or Die

Fly Or Die is one of that fun little games that will frustrate you indefinitely with its brutal difficulty but is also very rewarding to master

Image for amazing-grabber game


Remember how that claw machine at the arcades always drops plush toys, no matter how hard you try

More Casual Games

Image for Kitchen Slacking game

Kitchen Slacking

Help Sarah achieve her dream of becoming a chef in one of the most amazing cooking games, Kitchen Slacking

Image for Stack Tower game

Stack Tower

In the highly addictive arcade game Stack Tower you stack 3D blocks to a tower

Image for Chin up Shin Up game

Chin up Shin Up

Help Haru climb as high as he can and not lose the swag

Image for Fugitive Sparrow game

Fugitive Sparrow

In the fast paced action Fugitive Sparrow it isn't the sky that falls on the little birdy

Image for Stick Freak game

Stick Freak

Stretch the stick so you may pass to the other side

Image for Point Adventure game

Point Adventure

Are you looking for a nice little adventure game to go through with ease

Even More Casual Games

Image for Epic Run game

Epic Run

Time for a legendary runner: Epic Run

Image for Try To Escape game

Try To Escape

Ready to run through an amazing path and get away with it

Image for Pie Eater game

Pie Eater

Pie Eater is a fascinating and challenging brain teaser game

Image for Two Cars game

Two Cars

Try out your multitasking skills with this simple game

Image for Tower Match game

Tower Match

Building a skyscraper is never an easy task, but the arcade game Tower Match turns the challenge into pure fun

Image for Drip Drop game

Drip Drop

The storm is coming

Image for Tower Mania game

Tower Mania

Build your towers in a fantastic futuristic world in the simplest one-click manner

Image for Timber Guy game

Timber Guy

Show off your woodcutting skills by cutting as much wood as you can